Survey remains open until Jan 31

Covid-19 is devastating to our communities and destroying thousands of lives in Scotland.  It has also shone a light on the destruction to public services brought about by a decade of austerity. We have yet to see the full impact on job losses.

Most of us agree that things cannot simply go back to the way they were before – we need them to be better. Currently, it looks like the UK and Scottish Governments will attempt to use Covid-19 as a pretext for cutting back local government budgets yet further, which will mean our services, our communities, in short – our lives – getting worse.  This process also weakens local democracy and centralises power in the Westminster and Holyrood parliaments.

Another Edinburgh is Possible not only believes this is unnecessary, we believe it is unsustainable. Year after year of cuts has pushed services to the edge and the people of Edinburgh are paying the price. We deserve far better than this. 

Therefore, we are asking you to complete our short survey in order to provide us with the data to mount an argument and fight for the kind of city we need. 
You can access the survey here and it will be open until the 31st January. Please fill it in and share it widely.

One thought on “Survey remains open until Jan 31

  1. It is shocking that a third world country aims to put poverty back to th poor such as 1050,s where people had to beg churches to help .
    What perpetuates poverty is cutting every chance of self improvent or community of the poor .
    Year by year education is made less accessible .good quality food made Unaffordable.
    Justice only for the rich ,these are the conditions of a Scrooge movie .Where the poor get weaker ,and more I’ll, more ignorant of his to overcome relative poverty .
    Why in a rich city is the little that helps the poor been taken .
    Why in a rich city are families hungry .when you take away services to enable community you make ghettos where such plays as Les mes show why prisitution , alcoholism drugs and crime exist .This is known to anyone educated, why in this day and age the little given to the group’s most needy is snatched from their children’s fingers .
    Why when the little for the poorer is insignificant to the wealth of those comfortable in life .
    We are enabling a society to shape where poverty sickness, destitution,prostitution crime are inevitable outcomes from enforced poverty and ignorance .
    For a society to thrive and grow there has to be nuture and equality without justice and peace will never exist .Why do this to your own species have you looked in the eyes of the most needy, ? There is a shell where people have retreated because reality is too awful to exist and there are no chances to thrive .Only to exist as a shell, this is the very way to destroy society bit by bit .Many good things can come from equality and access to resources .people can reach their full potential and instead of going against society can enrich and enable .
    Doing what you are doing is a downward spiral, it is foolish as nothing comes from nothing .This country will resemble third world countries.Wake up before it’s too late,


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