Scottish Parliament Elections 2021

Ask your local candidates to support the ‘Another Scotland is Possible’ pledge

Image by Mary and Angus Hogg / The Scottish Parliament Building / CC BY-SA 2.0

Members of Another Edinburgh is Possible worked with Another Glasgow is Possible and activists around Scotland to produce this statement aimed at individuals standing in the 2021 Scottish Parliament Elections. Email the pledge to your local candidates, raise the questions at hustings events and ask candidates to sign up to the pledge.

If I am elected on May 6th to become a Member of the Scottish Parliament, I pledge to support or if necessary initiate: (please answer YES or NO)

Policies to introduce a fairer funding system for local authorities recognising the need to replace the expense-driven G.E.D funding model adopted by COSLA with a needs-based model that reflects the actual needs of the rural and urban authorities, especially those dealing with significant levels of deprivation.

An anti-austerity investment programme in the public sector to kick-start the post Covid/ Brexit economy, using the relevant economies of scale to create municipally / regionally / locally managed infrastructure which incorporates training, education and employment, to deliver a green recovery in response to the climate emergency.

Awarding Scotland’s 920,000 Key Workers an immediate £2-an-hour pay rise, underpinned by a £12 minimum wage, through existing collective bargaining structures.

Removing food insecurity and fuel poverty by scrapping Universal Credit and replacing it with a benefits system which safeguards against destitution, discrimination and reinforced inequality.

Nationalising our Care Home and Home Care systems, making them accountable and profiteer-proof, and improving conditions for our elderly population and the workforce which deliver services to them.

Deliver the changes needed in de-carbonising transport and energy demands by investing in renewable energy.

Planning and enabling a free, integrated and publicly owned public transport system across Scotland.

Planning and enabling a mass programme of retrofitting all buildings to make them more heat-efficient.

Signing immediately, whether or not I am elected, the Zero Covid Scotland campaign Pledge  to eliminate the virus and end the epidemic in Scotland.

Please email with your reply.

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