National Care Service Consultation

CARE ABOUT CARE    Our care service needs to be improved. It is urgent to Take profit out of care Improve pay & conditions for workers Make care local & accountable Ensure adequate funding Make care a free service At the moment there is a Scottish Government consultation about care.  You can make sure everyone in Scotland isContinue reading “National Care Service Consultation”

An Edinburgh Without Homelessness Is Possible

Leslie Cunningham writes I got to know Rob, a homeless man, about a year ago. On 15th February 2021, he kindly allowed me to interview him. This article attempts to convey what he most eloquently expressed in no more than about fifteen minutes. (!)  Rob just wants a roof over his head – a hostelContinue reading “An Edinburgh Without Homelessness Is Possible”

An outdoor Festival in Edinburgh, what future for our green spaces?

In response to the council proposal for a dispersed festival in August 2021, Graham Checkley defends our green spaces – they are not for profit. “Urban green spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, and residential greenery, can promote mental and physical health”, The World Health Organisation, 2016 [1]. Two months is a long time in EdinburghContinue reading “An outdoor Festival in Edinburgh, what future for our green spaces?”

Open Letter to COSLA and the Scottish Government

On 26th January the Herald published an article warning that Scottish councils are facing a £767 million bill to tackle the Covid-19 crisis amid a warning the Government has only covered up to two thirds of the pressure.  This letter was sent to the Herald in reply from Another Edinburgh is Possible and Another GlasgowContinue reading “Open Letter to COSLA and the Scottish Government”

Why investing in Public Services is a good thing

Brian Robertson (Edinburgh City Council Unite rep, writing in a personal capacity) makes the case for public services Public Services are the bedrock of our society.  Generally, and amongst other things, they are purposed to ensure that: people are safe and healthy businesses are enabled to thrive people can find decent, gainful and secure employment decentContinue reading “Why investing in Public Services is a good thing”

The Alternative Survey

Please complete Another Edinburgh Is Possible’s alternative survey of council services. The link to the survey is It only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Please share the link with friends and workmates by email and social media. We want to get a large and representative sample of opinion. Click here to access theContinue reading “The Alternative Survey”