National Care Service Consultation


Our care service needs to be improved.

It is urgent to

  • Take profit out of care
  • Improve pay & conditions for workers
  • Make care local & accountable
  • Ensure adequate funding
  • Make care a free service

At the moment there is a Scottish Government consultation about care. 

You can make sure everyone in Scotland is looked after properly by giving your input. 

A response can take as little as ten minutes. 

The deadline for this is 2 November 2021. 

The consultation is long & complex. 

If you are short of time just answer Questions 1 & 2  on page 15 – suggested answers below – you can copy and paste or copy and edit to personalise your response

Q1. What would be the benefits of the National Care Service taking responsibility for improvement across community health and care services? 

Tick all the boxes

Other – please explain below

A NCS would have the potential to bring these benefits, but only if partnered with  Local Authorities who  have the capacity  to work with their  communities to create local, flexible, inclusive services (and who are democratically elected and accountable to their populations). This would depend on the NCS  introducing National Sectoral Collective Bargaining to ensure good education, training, pay and conditions to social care workers.

Q2. This consultation and the National Care Service which will result from it may very well be superficial and not lead to real and sustained improvements in care provision.

There is a recognition that there is a need to improve community health and social care and that current structures are inadequate. If we are serious about good practice, ‘suggestions for significant cultural and systemic change’ have to be explored. This consultation does not allow for such an exploration.

For an effective care service we need to take profit out of care, improve pay & conditions for workers, make care local & accountable, ensure adequate funding and make care a free service.

This is the web address of the consultation

If you have a bit more time to work on the questionnaire:

Click here for suggestions for responses to questions 1 – 8

Click here for suggestions for responses to questions 22 – 54

Click here for suggestions for responses to the ‘Valuing the Workforce’ section

For information and discussion about social care reform, see the Common Weal policy papers:  and news . 

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